Friday, November 16, 2012

Is going to a Browns game worth it?

I haven't attended a Browns game since 1999. I'm not in a rush to get to one, either. Not when the climate-controlled home viewing experience works just fine.

My lack of interest in getting tickets is also because it seems as if a blog or story pops up every week with discussions about if seeing a game in person is worth the expense and hassle. Here are two examples, one local from WEWS-TV 5, and one national from ESPN.

Fair or not, the perception is that unless you're in a club seat or a luxury box, the NFL experience will involve paying through the nose to park, not being able to see as well as you would on TV, not being as connected to other action if you're a fantasy football player, and, in the worst cases, having to sit next to someone who has too much to drink and stands the whole game.

The instance of a drunk fan shouting down every one else for not being "a real Browns fan" because they're not standing along with him could be fewer and farther between than is portrayed. Obviously, I wouldn't know because it's been so long since I went to a game.

I do know that I have no interest in going to a game if that's what it's like. Why would I pay all that money for parking and tickets when I can get a perfect view of the game on my TV and walk 10 feet to the kitchen or bathroom whenever I want?

This would also be the case if the Browns were good and the weather was nice. The Browns aren't good, and we're just about done with nice-weather days this season.

For those who do go to the games, I'm interested to know -- is attending an NFL game similar to how it's portrayed? Should people who aren't interested in drinking and standing stay home? Or are those descriptions inaccurate or overblown?

- Howard Primer


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