Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The more stats the better when covering a high school hoops game

If you are a reporter, how many pages of stats do you need to write a high school basketball game story?
Five if you are me.
Two if you are my colleagues - John Kampf, Chris Lillstrung or Cory Schuett.
Why do I have so many pages of stats?
Mainly, because I'm paranoid and I don't want to miss a thing.
When I do hoops games, I have two clip boards. On one side, I keep play-by-play with a separate page for each quarter. On the other side, I have one sheet where I keep quarter-by-quarter scoring (for each player), turnovers, rebounds, field goal attempts and free throw attempts.
Yes, I know it's overboard.
No, I'm not going to stop using the same system I've used for 19 years.
If I needed to, I could probably write an entire chapter on a game with all of the information I've collected.
Add in my pages of transcribed quotes and the crazy amount of info is now over seven pages long.
You want to know something about my game? I better have an answer for you.
That's why it's such a joy to cover college and professional hoops games. The stats are actually kept for you. It's an amazing concept. Even play-by-play and fully transcribed notes are often included.
I love it even though I rarely get treated to such a luxury. 
For now, I'll stick with my numerous pages of stats and notes.
Afterall, it's worked for this long.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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