Sunday, January 26, 2014

Confused by KG commercial

Recently, there have been a series of commercials for Beats By Dre headphones featuring athletes, including this one with Nets forward Kevin Garnett:

It's worth noting there's an extended director's cut of this ad, which I can't share in this space because of language, which paints an even more hostile picture of what Garnett apparently faces wherever he goes around the NBA.

Obviously, they're trying to make a point of athletes blocking out distraction to focus on their goals. That's fine.

But watching this ad still begs the question: Do people really hate KG THAT much?

They have one guy in a version of this commercial who brought a walker to mock Garnett because of how many years he's been in the league. So they really think some random fan would hate Garnett so much that they would find a walker, throw it in the trunk and bring it down to the arena? Because clearly, if Kevin Garnett sees a fan holding a walker, his spirit is broken.

And what about people throwing eggs? Assuming the Nets team bus has tinted windows, the fans could very well be throwing eggs, hoping it's Garnett's window, and hit, say, Shaun Livingston's window instead.

And the amount of people? There are some nights that franchises such as, with all due respect, the Bucks would love to get that many people to a game, let alone hurling insults at Garnett pregame because, well, he's apparently just so hated.

Hear what you want? OK, fine, Beats By Dre.

But seeing and distorting reality how you want? Let's reign that in a little, shall we?

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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