Sunday, January 19, 2014

High school sports fans and poor parking choices

One fascinating byproduct of popularity for a high school sporting event is the nerve some fans show in trying to be there on time.

Last spring, I was at the Division III Independence District track and field meet, for instance. One fan, who was clearly only interested in discus taking place outside the football stadium, apparently wasn't satisfied with the parking lot. So they parked their car right next to the discus circle and next to picnic tables. They had to be asked over the PA four times to move their car.

Last month at a hockey tournament at Winterhurst while University was playing, a PA announcement was made: "A car is illegally parked in a fire lane. It has US tags and is a black Mercedes." We can only be so lucky owning a black Mercedes, but it seems being a fan with a Mercedes affords you the assumption you can park in a fire lane. Missing a second of hockey is seemingly that important.

At Baron Cup Sunday every year, if the Brooklyn parking lot is full, people will inevitably park on the grass - probably not a good idea considering the municipal center of Brooklyn is right across the street.

And so on.

Here's a thought: Instead of parking wherever you want, how about showing up on time to prevent that issue? There is no beginning to a high school sporting event that's so important you need to park illegally and get your car towed.

This isn't Christmas shopping at the mall. It's a sporting event that will still be there if you take a few more minutes to find a spot.

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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