Sunday, March 2, 2014

World Cup predictions, Version 2.0

As we inch closer to the World Cup this summer, it's time to take another crack at predictions for the tournament. This will be my second shot at prognostication on the road to Brazil, and to make it fun, I'm not going to look at my original prediction. So let's try this combination (for now):

Group A: Brazil (winner), Croatia (runner-up)
Group B: Spain (winner), Chile (runner-up)
Group C: Ivory Coast (winner), Japan (runner-up)
Group D: Uruguay (winner), Italy (runner-up)
Group E: Switzerland (winner), France (runner-up)
Group F: Argentina (winner), Nigeria (runner-up)
Group G: Germany (winner), United States (runner-up)
Group H: Belgium (winner), South Korea (runner-up)

Round of 16
Brazil def. Chile
Italy def. Ivory Coast
Switzerland def. Nigeria
Germany def. South Korea
Spain def. Croatia
Uruguay def. Japan
France def. Argentina
Belgium def. United States

Brazil def. Italy
Switzerland def. Germany
Uruguay def. Spain
Belgium def. France

Brazil def. Italy
Uruguay def. Belgium

Third-place match
Belgium def. Italy

Uruguay def. Brazil

This prediction can and likely will change - but for now, in the first week of March, we'll roll with this for the time being.

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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