Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For women only: Do you wear makeup or not when competing and working out?

I have a question for my female readers.
When you compete in a game or go to the gym, do you wear makeup or not?
I'm  not referring to the times when you go directly from school with makeup on to a game or directly from work with makeup on to the gym.
That's legal.
I'm talking about the times you purposely apply any sort of makeup right before you work out knowing you will be sweating it off in just a few minutes.
To me, that is illegal.
Maybe it depends on what age you are and whether or not you are trying to meet a significant other while you are working out? It may also depend on if you are a professional female athlete who is being endorsed by a large company and whose face is going to be viewed by millions on television.
Just think back to the winter Olympics and the handful of women  who looked like they were right out of a magazine when they took their gear off.
I was amazed.
Then there are professional athletes like my favorite Olympic gold medalist Tianna Madison, who I covered at Elyria High School and the University of Tennessee.  She doesn't wear any makeup while competing and she doesn't need to.
Just look at the picture above after she won gold with her 4x100 relay team in 2012. Her smile is beautiful enough.

If you are an everyday woman headed to your local gym or sporting event to compete, you shouldn't waste your costly makeup in my opinion.
I know I don't.
When I walk into the YMCA to workout, I am makeup free. I always have a baseball hat on and usually, I'm a disheveled mess. It doesn't bother me a bit.
When I walk out, I usually look a little better because I'm fresh out of the sauna and shower and headed to work in full makeup, a nice outfit and my hair done.
Not wearing makeup puts me in the mindset that I am at the gym to get a job done. I am there to work hard, run a few miles, lift some weights and get on with my day.
I am there for me. I am not there for anyone else. So if I'm happy with the way I look, that's all I care about.
What about you?
What makes you feel most comfortable?
Are you the type of woman who won't leave the house without her makeup on no matter where she goes?
Or are you a little more laid back?
Whether you apply blush before you workout or not, you will always have a flushed face after a workout if you've raised your heart rate for at least 20 minutes or more.
Just being yourself is the best way to go.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia



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