Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Draftees put in bad position

There's a messy separation going on right now in the NFL, with a hurtful lockout between the owners and the players.

Just like some divorces, the kids are getting stuck in the middle.

A report came out this week that the NFL players association - well, members of the decertified union - are advising members of this year's draft class to boycott the upcoming NFL draft. 

That's a tough position to put the youngsters in. They're being told to make a choice - and neither is what they want to do.

Option A is to heed the word of the current NFL players who are being locked out and pretty much thumb their noses at the teams who are selecting them by not showing up at the draft. In other words, do the dirty work of the current NFL players, and in doing so, give up the opportunity to take part in a lifelong dream for most - walking across the stage after hearing their name called out after being drafted.

Option B is to ignore the word of the current NFL players, go against their wishes and attend the draft. But when this whole mess is sorted out, those who ignore the players and attend the draft are going to have to face those whom they ignored when camps eventually open. THAT should be an awkward moment.

There is no good solution for the soon-to-be-drafted rookies.

It's a situation in which they should never have been put.

The current lockout is between the owners and the current players and doesn't and SHOULDN'T involve the rookies.

Just like a messy divorce, the kids are being put in the middle when they shouldn't.

- John Kampf


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