Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OSU's Senior Day could be entertaining

November 19 should be an interesting day in Ohio Stadium.

Not just because the Ohio State football team will be hosting its final home game of the season against Penn State, but perhaps more so because of what is going to go on prior to kickoff.

Senior Day.

Normal Senior Day festivities include seniors being announced one by one and jogging across the turf one last time to thunderous applause from the 105,000-some fans that cram into the Horseshoe. Players wave to the crowd, hug the coach, shake hands or hug their parents (who are on the field for the ceremony) and again get a deafening ovation from the Buckeye Nation.

Imagine this year's Senior Day festivities - the part when Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, Mike Adams and DeVier Posey trot across the turf.

That ought to be some reception, no?

Especially that of Pryor.

Not only are those four players, along with junior defensive end Solomon Thomas, going to miss the first five games of the season via NCAA suspension for selling memorabilia in exchange for tattoos, but they are also members of a quintet that started a storm so intense that Coach Jim Tressel resigned from his 10-year position on Monday.

Oh yeah, Pryor, Herron, Posey and Adams should be REAL popular on Senior Day.

To be honest, the Tattoo Five didn't cost Tressel his job. Lying and attempting to hide things from the NCAA is why Tressel is jobless right now.

But Ohio State fans - some of the toughest, if not the most unforgiving around - won't see the difference.

Which means Pryor, Herron, Posey and Adams shouldn't expect a hero's welcome on November 19. If they're lucky, they'll hear crickets. More than likely, they'll hear booing.

In light of the recent investigation into Pryor and the cars he has driven at Ohio State, Pryor might end up making himself eligible for July's NFL supplemental draft.

ESPN published a report on Tuesday that outlined a player's eligibility for the supplemental draft. Part if it read, "A player must petition the NFL for special eligibility to enter the supplemental draft, and that petition always relies on a player's circumstance having changed since he could have declared for the NFL Draft. A player might be declared academically ineligible, or get kicked off his team for some reason or engage in an activity that causes him to lose his NCAA eligibility."

Pryor might fit into that category if the current investigation reveals some wrong-doing on his part.

The same can't be said for Herron, Posey and Adams. They don't seem to be in any danger of being academically ineligible, being kicked off the team or engaging in any activitiy to make them lose their eligibility to make them supplemental draft eligible.

Which means, after their five-game suspensions to start the season, they will be eligible for the final seven regular-season games of the season.

Including November 19. Senior Day vs. Penn State.

How they are received by the Ohio State fans that day should be interesting.

Don't expect record applause.

- John Kampf


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