Monday, June 20, 2011

Quickies from NH Senior Bowl Practice Day 1

* The weather delayed the start of practice by 20 minutes at 5 p.m., but the Blue team led by Coach Matt Duffy used it wisely to sit in the locker room and go over some basic plays, alignment and terminology. I was very impressed at the organization of both teams, considering all the new faces.

* Seemed like the defense was ahead of the offense during both the Blue and the White team's practices. To be expected when you consider most of the defense is just reacting and the offense is a lot of learning.

* Hats off to the players for staying in such great shape and almost looking football ready in many situations. There is a lot of talent in this game and nobody looked completely out of shape or ready to hang 'em up halfway through practice.

* The Hooley House was a big hit as they provided wraps, chips and water for the players. By the time the White practice ended after 9 p.m. in a steady drizzle, there was a lot of grumbling for food and the presenting sponsor of the game did not disappoint.

- Bill Tilton


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