Thursday, June 9, 2011

Terrelle Pryor won't go away

I'm sure Terrelle Pryor wouldn't mind hiding out for a few days to get away from scrutiny, controversy and criticism, but the onslaught of college football preseason magazines hitting the stands won't allow that, from a figurative standpoint.

I picked up one of my favorite preseason mags, the Sporting News, the other day and guess who's on the cover? TP!

I'm sure there are plenty more ready to hit the shelves with Pryor on the cover. Unless a few magazines are oozing cash, it's doubtful any of these preseason mags are going back to the printers.

Unless you're related to the Pryor family or are the president of TP's fan club, most Ohio college football fans won't have much of a choice when prepping for the college football season. Pryor is gracing the cover of a boatload of mags.

For the Pryor haters out there, TP will be around in Ohio a bit longer. For those unfortunate souls, that saying of there's no such thing as bad publicity doesn't apply here.

- Mark Podolski



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