Friday, June 10, 2011

Terrelle, Terelle, Terrell

Within minutes of the story breaking early Tuesday night, news of Terrelle Pryor was all over the Internet. By the end of the night, Pryor's name had been trending on Twitter twice, both times misspelled and in different ways.

Both say a lot about how information travels these days.

Pryor announced through his lawyer that he was leaving the Ohio State football team. I first saw it on Twitter a little after 6 p.m. via a retweet from my colleague Dominic Anselmo. The race was on for our whole department - getting a story up on our web site, digging up photos, getting a hold of writers, putting together a depth chart of the remaining quarterbacks and keeping an eye out for other developments.

We posted updates throughout the night. Chasing the story and seeing readers' reactions on our web site was exciting. Seeing Pryor's first name misspelled two ways in Twitter's trending topics wasn't. That tells me that for some people, it's more about winning the race than being right.

- Howard Primer

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