Wednesday, June 1, 2011

State track meet is a treat for everyone involved

I'm leaving for Columbus early Friday morning to cover the state track meet.
My colleague Chris Lillstrung and I will be covering numerous athletes in divisions I, II and III.
It's an exciting time of the year not just for athletes, but also their parents, coaches, media and many others.
Nothing beats the atmosphere at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. It's electric.
Even on a hot day when I'm tired from standing in the sun for hours at a time, I'm enjoying myself.
I even enjoy watching kids I don't know compete and listening to the cheers from the crowd after every event.
It's a time when anything seems possible.
At any moment, an athlete can rise to the occasion and win their first state championship. Teams can come together and score enough points to win a title.
Injuries can also happen along with dropped batons and disqualifications.
That is what makes a meet so exciting. Nothing is guaranteed.
I once covered a team that won a state championship with just two people. I covered a girl who broke her leg while long jumping at the state meet. Every athlete has their own story whether they finish first or last. They all deserve the recognition they will receive this weekend.
So here's to another successful state track meet.
Good luck area athletes.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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