Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ohio State might have receiver problems

Alright I know, it was only the first practice of the season on Monday for the Ohio State football team.

I know the players weren't wearing pads, and I know any player is bound to have a rough day.

But that being said, if Monday is any indication, Ohio State might have some issues at receiver this season. Aside from DeVier Posey, no one really stood out - and Posey has to sit out the first five games of the season to serve a suspension.

Posey looked phenomenal in his practice time, as usual.

The best receivers besides him were a former quarterback (Verlon Reed) and a former running back/part-time running back (Jordan Hall).

Admittedly, I was excited to see what 6-5 Shaw product T.Y. Williams would do this year all offseason. But he was pretty bad on Monday, and reports are he wasn't much better on Tuesday, with his hands.

Harvey product Chris Fields looked decent, but not spectacular.

Some of the best hands looked to belong to freshmen Evan Spencer and Devin Smith.

What does it all mean? Perhaps not much. After all, it's just the first week of practice.

But the fact remains OSU has to replace the productivity of Dane Sanzenbacher while also covering up for Posey's absence the first four games.

I'm not convinced the Buckeyes will be able to do that.

A lot can change in the coming weeks. If the Buckeyes are going to have any kind of balanced offense, things are going to have to change.

- John Kampf


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