Thursday, August 4, 2011

With Williams, Scott will thrive

Adam Scott was a fine golfer before he brought Steve Williams on board as his caddie.

With Williams, Scott has a chance to be exceptional.

Championship-caliber material.

Scott leads after one day of the Bridgestone Invitational, holding a one-stroke lead over Jason Day.

To be honest, it's nothing new. Scott is a seven-time winner on the PGA Tour. And even though he is looking for his first win of the 2011 season, he knows how to win.

Adding a caddie who knows how to win better than any other caddie in the game can only help.

Williams was surprisingly let loose a few weeks back in a much-publicized separation from former boss Tiger Woods. Woods' self-inflicted loss will be Scott's gain.

There's a certain intangible Williams can add to Scott's game. As Woods' caddie for 12 years, Williams KNOWS how to win and he knows how to help a golfer win.

And the best part about it is this: Scott is willing to take the tutelage. Some golfers might feel it is beneath them to have their caddie critique their game brutally. Sometimes the truth hurts, and they're not willing to hear it.

Scott is.

"He thinks I can be as good a player as I want to be," Scott said of Williams, "but he's adamant that you've got to put the work in and I think he sees that I am putting the work in. Been a big refocus over the last year or so in my game, doing a lot of things I need to do to become better. It's all a bit of a process, but slowly and surely I think I'm seeing glimpses of it.
"He's fairly blunt in his assessment of my chipping, but I'm going to work on it."

Scott added, "It's been a fortunate situation for me, I think, and I'd like to take advantage of that. But you know, I've been very impressed with the way he caddies. He's very professional, and that's what I'm looking for in a guy out there."

No one knows for sure if Scott will hold on and win the tournament. Over the long haul, no one knows how good Scott will be or how many championships he will win.

But one thing is for certain. His chances are better with championship-tested Williams on the bag and on his team.

- John Kampf

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