Monday, September 5, 2011

The circus comes to Maryland football

So, how did you like the jerseys and helmets Maryland was wearing on Monday night?

Or was that Barnum and Bailey's second string playing the Miami Hurricanes on ESPN?

Creativity - I am usually OK with that. Trying to sell more merchandise? I am fine with that, too.

This abomination on Monday for the Terrapins was borderline comical. It was as if a Division I university who is usually taken seriously and is accredited within the collegiate community asked a group of kindergarten students to design the uniform for the 2011 opener and the kid with least amount of paste in his mouth won the contest!

I would describe it, but it is indescribable. A checker board on one side, a coat of arms cloaked in neon highlighter on the other. Matching sleeves. It was so disturbing that it should have been saved for torture methods in CIA missions that we don't talk about at parties.

Google it, check out ESPN, whatever you need to do, take a peek at what the Maryland Terrapins wore on national TV Monday to open the season.

They should have been flagged as soon as they came out of the locker room.

What a complete trainwreck, assuming the train crashed into a box of Crayolas.



Anonymous Z said...

I thought they were pretty cool. A lot better than the bloody mary disaster that was Georgia Saturday night. I think Under Armour did a better job with the Terps than anything I've seen Nike do with the pro combat unis.

September 5, 2011 at 11:48 PM 

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