Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chagrin Falls and Kirtland cut from same football cloth

So, if you don't have any allegiance to Chagrin Falls or Kirtland, but you want to go to a state semifinal and root on a local team, which one do you follow?

Criteria in this case is tough to separate.

Both teams are 13-0, state-ranked and were the No. 1 seed in their respective regions.

Both have elite head coaches who could easily be at bigger programs, but don't look like they have any interest in leaving their team anytime soon. Both Tigers coach Mark Iammarino and Hornets coach Tiger LaVerde are offensive coaches who call plays and let the defense run itself. Both have unbelievable talented defensive coordinators and dominating defenses that have led them to a spot in the final four.

Both Chagrin Falls and Kirtland are members of the Chagrin Valley Conference with avid support from tight-knit communities. Both pride themselves on running the football, but have the kind of athletes that make diversity an issue for the opposition.

The Tigers and Hornets are two teams that are very similar. Two head coaches on top of their game and two communities who are supportive and very close.

So, where are you going on Friday night? Heading to Uniontown Lake for Chagrin Falls, or Canton Central Catholic for Kirtland?

Tough call, either one is just like the other.

Good luck to both, and hopefully we will see you next weekend in the state championships in Stark County.

- Bill Tilton
Twitter: @NHPreps


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