Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time to go bowling

If your school's bandwagon needs a driver, chances are I'm available.

With the start of the college football bowl season Saturday, I became the kind of fan I despise. Considering the rooting interests of bowl picks on the line, in the afternoon Saturday I was a Temple fan. Then I flew over to Utah State and became a fan of theirs in time for their game. Then it was San Diego State.

And on and on.

I will be the first to admit I'm slightly annoying to be around during bowl season and March Madness, because I really take my picks seriously hoping to reign supreme in the office pools. It was even more important to me to fare well this year in bowls after a horrendous effort last year - 10-22 or something like that. It was absolutely awful.

Of course, two of my three picks Saturday were not helped by my bandwagon driving.

Here's to hoping for better from Florida International.

And Louisiana Tech.

And Boise State.

And Nevada.

And ...

- Chris Lillstrung


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