Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prisoner of the Manning Moment

Congratulations to Eli Manning for leading the New York Giants to their second Super Bowl win in the past five seasons.

But let's not forget that his older brother Peyton is pretty good, too.

Listening to talk radio and some of the debate shows on TV, you would think Peyton never played 14 years, won 4 league MVPs, went to two Super Bowls and won one. This isn't knocking Eli, but it seems fairly unfair to dismiss Peyton because he was out of sight and out of mind rehabilitating a neck injury.

So, most arguments pro-Eli start with "Well, Eli has two Super Bowls and Peyton only has one and he has a losing record in the postseason." True on both accounts. Here is what I would say to the "numbers" crowd.

Jim Plunkett has won 2 Super Bowls while Steve Young, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning have one. Do you lean toward Plunkett?

Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer have Super Bowl rings but Dan Marino and Dan Fouts do not. Still rely soley on keeping tally of Super Bowl wins?

All I am saying is at the end of last season, less than 12 months ago, if the question was raised would you take Peyton or Eli, there would be hysterical laughing followed by eye rolls and people walking out of the room. Don't forget how good Peyton is because he wasn't on the field this year.

And don't forget Eli - while clearly a big-game player - was booed off the field a few years ago by Giants fans and threw more than 20 interceptions in another season.

As long as he is healthy, in the battle of the Manning brothers, give me Peyton.

Eli has the Super Bowl scoreboard, but Peyton has more talent.

- BTilton@News-Herald.com


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