Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mocking NFL draft hype

It's kind of funny to watch the hype play out for the NFL draft.

Fans can't get enough information about the draft, so you can understand it to a degree.

A couple things, no matter the year, always strike me as the days near to this annual spectacle.

No. 1, how much weight people tend to put in pre-draft news conferences. Pretty much all of it is posturing. Do you really think any management type in their right mind would put all their cards on the table and say in whom they're specifically interested, in genuine honesty but not to throw other teams off the scent? Or their plan to draft best player available later on and by need early?

But as someone wise once said, "The people demand it."

No. 2, it's amazing how many people consider themselves draft experts when the truth is many of them would have better luck determining future quality by throwing darts than actual evaluation.

Did you know if you Google "2012 NFL mock draft" it brings up 53.6 MILLION results? Now it's nothing quite like searching for Justin Bieber (637 million results) or Lady Gaga (1.31 billion), but that's still a lot of people throwing their hat in the ring to predict who will go where.

I give people credit because there's a lot of folks out there who make a living off their draft prognostications.

Personally, though, I prefer to a certain extent to just wait and see what happens. It's OK to talk about it of course, but coming up with 53 different scenarios is a waste of time.

- Chris Lillstrung


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