Sunday, April 1, 2012

Please deliver with "One Shining Moment"

It is a rite of passage every year, something that has been covered in this space in the past.

It's all well and good if the NCAA tournament final is a classic and a team someone picked on their bracket to win it all actually does so, but maybe carrying just as much weight for a few of us in The News-Herald sports department is what occurs after the game.

So what there's a deadline to meet. We all pause for 3-plus minutes, like many who also grew up doing the same thing across the country, for "One Shining Moment".

Some will argue it's too sappy, and they're entitled to their opinion. (Except that they're wrong.)

If you've never heard the story behind the song, check this out.

So yes, it would be great if Kentucky and Kansas put on a clinic. It will be cool to watch Anthony Davis and Thomas Robinson go head-to-head in the paint.

But once that's over, all I'm asking for is a good "One Shining Moment". The 2010 version, featuring Jennifer Hudson, was a PR disaster and quickly replaced by Luther Vandross' cover of the song that had been part of CBS' montage since 2002 before Hudson took over for one year.

 Give me more of this ...

... and I will be happy.

- Chris Lillstrung


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