Monday, April 2, 2012

NFL Draft needs to come ... and go, already

I love this time of year and hate it all at the same time.

It's kind of like Christmas for NFL fans and Halloween all rolled up into one - because everyone seems to dress up and become draft experts at this time of April.

How many "draft experts" can there possibly be? It seems like anyone with a laptop and too much time on their hands can be an analyst on the upcoming NFL selection meeting, but yet we all have an opinion and credentials aren't necessarily required or tough to get.

Every radio and TV station, every blogger that comes along, your neighbor, co-worker, auto mechanic and the perfect stranger on the street wants to break down this year's QB crop. And the funniest part is prior to seeing these players play one down in the NFL or throw one pass on Sunday, they seem to know whether it is a good pick or not. In other words, if RG3 is selected No. 2 by Washington, the Redskins automatically get an 'A' on their draft report card. If Griffin is a bust, it won't really matter to the draft gurus because Washington already has the 'A' to put on the refrigerator.

Conversely, if Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden gets taken in the top 20, that team gets an 'F' grade, and it won't be til Weeden surprises the experts and becomes a good NFL starter that the grade will be reconsidered.

I like the anticipation and hate the hype. I like the passion and can't stand the egotism of some of the experts, especially the ones who do it as a hobby and not full time like Mel Kiper or Todd McShay. We all miss and we all hit on our picks or thoughts on the draft. Just have a little humility when assessing players that haven't played a moment in the NFL yet - no such perfect science for it no matter how loud you get on the radio or how nasty your words get in the newspaper or on the Web.



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