Friday, December 21, 2012

NFL draft prospects in bad bowls: Don't get hurt

It has to be a weird time for an NFL draft prospect whose college team is playing in a lower-tier bowl game.

There isn't much to gain. But there is plenty to lose.

If the player isn't going to enroll in classes for the spring semester, he's already checked out on that end.

So it's just football, and it's one game before starting training for the NFL scouting combine and other workouts.

Because it's a lower-tier game, an outstanding performance against a so-so opponent  isn't going to sway a player's draft stock.

Then the incentive becomes simple: Don't get hurt. Loyalty to teammates and pride are incentives, too, of course.

But I know if I was in that position, it would be hard to fight off the urges to start thinking ahead about what I need to do to move up the draft boards.

That might sound selfish. But that's what the bowl season is all about. Bowls make money off schools. Coaches move to other teams. Schools entertain boosters. Players should be able to look out for themselves, too.

-- Howard Primer


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