Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Northeast Lakes all-district girls basketball team is loaded with talent

The Northeast Lakes all-district boys and girls teams were picked today here at The News-Herald.
There were representatives from The News Herald, our sister paper, The Morning Journal, The Plain Dealer and The Star Beacon.
The meeting took a few hours and there was lots of discussion on which players should be placed on first, second or third team along with honorable mention.
The bonus with having so many people picking the teams is all of the views and opinions everyone brings to the table.
When deciding on which athlete deserves to go on what team, we look at all of their stats. We consider team records and strength of schedule. We talk about how important the player was to their specific team.
In the end, I am confident we came up with the best teams we could possibly assemble.
If you are on the team, congratulations.
If you didn't make the team, please don't feel bad.
Our district covers the west and east sides of Cleveland. There are hundreds of athletes to chose from.
To make the teams more prestigious, players were limited (including on the honorable mention list). That's the trend we've gone with for the past few years.
The teams will officially be announced next week.
Thank you to all of the area coaches who took the time to nominate their players. We all appreciate your time and effort.
Good luck to the players who are still alive in the postseason.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia



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