Friday, February 14, 2014

Where would a combined Berkshire-Newbury fit in?

With the Berkshire and Newbury school districts discussing the possibility of consolidating, let's look at what it could mean for the new school's OHSAA enrollment figure.

The OHSAA takes the number of students in grades 9 through 11 every two years to get each school's figure. The most recent count was in October 2012.

Berkshire: 149 boys, 125 girls

Newbury: 82 boys, 95 girls

A consolidated school would have 231 boys. For football, it would be in the middle of Division IV. Here's where it would fit in with the other area D-IV schools:

Chagrin Falls 221
Berkshire-Newbury 231
NDCL 248
Perry 256
Benedictine 260

For girls, the combined number would be 220.

Conveniently, Berkshire-Newbury would be in Division II in all other sports, regardless of how many divisions the sport has.

Another issue to settle would be what conference the school would join. Newbury is leaving the Chagrin Valley Conference for the Northeast Athletic Conference in 2014-15. Berkshire is part of a group of schools splitting from the CVC for a league to be named.

-- Howard Primer


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