Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stuck in the 80s: the best decade ever for March Madness

The best thing about ESPN Classic, save the fact past games can't be converted to high-definition (at least not yet), is when it replays memorable games from all sports, marathon style.

That's been the case this week. It's been a great ride down memory lane. Most of the games replayed are from the 1980s. What a decade the 80s were for March Madness, which I say is the greatest in history. Here's one man's top five NCAA title games from the decade.

5. Kansas 83, Oklahoma 79, 1988: Danny Manning was a one-man show for the Jayhawks, which, some might forget, was coached by Larry Brown.

4. Indiana 74, Syracuse 73, 1987: Keith Smart's baseline jumper finished off a great game.

3. North Carolina State 54, Houston 52, 1983: Even after all these years, Lorenzo Charles' dunk off Derek Wittenberg's airball seems as surreal as ever.

2. North Carolina 63, Georgetown 62, 1982: Where it all began for Michael Jordan. This game was packed with stars, starting with Coaches Dean Smith and John Thompson.

1. Villanova 66, Georgetown 64, 1985: The most improbable March Madness win of all-time.

- Mark Podolski

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