Friday, May 6, 2011

Kentucky Derby: Don't turn away

It's the most exciting two minutes in sports, as long as we remember what time it starts.

Every year, we put one of the newsroom TVs on the Kentucky Derby in time for the pre-race show. Unless you're a horse racing die-hard or a gaudy hat aficionado, there's nothing much to watch, though.

So if you get caught up in writing or reading a story, working on the website, laying out a page or taking a phone call, it's easy to lose track of how close post time is. With the races only lasting a couple minutes, you could miss one entirely during a trip to the bathroom.

I don't think we've ever missed the Kentucky Derby. But we did miss a Triple Crown race one time a few years ago. That means I missed two of the six minutes of horse racing I watch each year.

Unless no horse is going for the Triple Crown. Then it's four minutes.

- Howard Primer



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