Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sports talk, and a wedding reception

Even when it seems like the focus might shift, at least for a night, getting away from sports is never easy for me. Here's a case in point:

On Saturday, I stepped away from my usual Saturday News-Herald responsibilities - which this time of year means a high school track meet or page layout - and went to a wedding in Port Clinton. My wife Jenni's cousin Rich got married to his longtime girlfriend Reshae.

My first reminder of sports always lurking was when I admittedly brought it on myself, with a half-hour before the ceremony checking my cell phone to see who the Browns drafted and noticing in turn Ricky Stanzi getting selected by the Chiefs.

The second reminder came at the reception. The best man was giving his speech, of course trying to be funny, and mentioned, "I think we finally got Rich over Phil Taylor." Shall we say Rich, like me a die-hard Browns fan, was not a big fan of Taylor's selection. So 24 hours ago, I honestly couldn't have picked Taylor out of a crowd at the combine. But on this day, not only did I know who he was, but his name came up at a wedding reception.

Then finally, as we got ready to leave, my wife's uncle Earl shook my hand, leaned in and asked, "Chris, how's the Tribe doing?" As I checked my phone, he said, "I figured I'd ask the sports writer."

Sometimes, sports can be like crabgrass or a telemarketer - it doesn't go away.

I don't mind it, of course, but it's funny how and where it never ceases to be part of my life.

- Chris Lillstrung


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