Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quickies from N-H Senior Bowl Practice Day 2

* Football players can really plow through chicken wings. Glory Daze Bar and Grille in Wickliffe donated almost 500 wings for the two practices, and approximately 45 minutes after the White team wrapped up the second practice of the night, not one wing was left. In fact, the Blue team ripped through their 200-plus wings before the coaches got any. Sorry, guys.

* One of the neat things about the N-H Senior Bowl is to see how many assistant coaches are coming out to practice to help. Initially, it was going to be Mike Bell and Matt Duffy and four assistants per team. A few extra bodies are visible coaching the players and running individual positions, and it is great to see the dedication of the guys during the summer.

* The heavy rain from the morning on Tuesday didn't reappear in the afternoon, but it was a steamy day on the turf at the JTO. The coaches did a good job of keeping everyone hydrated and safe.

* Both teams looked better Tuesday than Monday, which is no big surprise, but it now looks like the offenses finally are gaining some rhythm. By Saturday, there should be some chemistry. It seems like the players are getting comfortable with each other.

- Bill Tilton


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