Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quickies from N-H Senior Bowl Practice Day 3

* Wednesday was jersey day for the N-H Senior Bowl players. There was some very minimal grumbling from those that didn't get the number they wanted (multiple requests, sizes, etc., played a role in that), but overall, the process was smooth and everyone seemed to be excited.

* The weather was ideal for both practices. Mid-70s, no humidity, little breeze. If we get that weather Saturday, we will be extremely fortunate. Perfect weather for football in June.

* The teams started putting in more plays and began working on down-and-distance situations a little more seriously and even some hurry-up offense. The beauty of this game is while it should be a lot of fun, we have about 70 players who have graduated from high school, but come Saturday night will be serious about winning.

* There have been some changes to the roster of both teams from what was originally announced. Make sure you pick up a program Saturday to follow your favorite player.

* The big hit of the day belonged to Brush defensive back Denzel Harris, who drew oohs and aahs from teammates and coaches with a tackle in the second practice session of Wednesday night. It seems as if both defenses are slightly ahead of the offenses, which is not surprising. But don't count on a low-scoring game Saturday night. There is plenty of offensive firepower.

- Bill Tilton


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