Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A week away from sports puts things in perspective

Today is my first day back from vacation after being away for one week.
I spent my time on Sanibel Island in Florida in a condo just a few feet from the Gulf of Mexico.
Every morning I sipped my coffee on a balcony overlooking the beach. It was a beautiful way to start every day.
After breakfast, my husband and I took long walks on the beach. When we returned to the condo, we would pack our bags and head back to the beach. We spent our days swimming, laying out, jet skiing, fishing and parasailing. What could be better?
For the entire week I was away, I did not read a newspaper. I did not surf the Internet or watch Sports Center.
For one week, I took a break from all sports.
It was nice, but I missed it. I especially missed Cleveland sports.
It's funny when you follow a team to go cold turkey for one week. When you get back, it seems like so much has gone on. Injuries, transactions, winning streaks, losing streaks, all in just seven days.
At the same time, the break was much needed and it made me appreciate what I do for a living that much more.
Sports is fun. It's who won and who lost. It's not life or death. Work may not be a day at the beach, but at times it feels close to it.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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