Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quickies from N-H Senior Bowl Practice Day 4

n The players all seem ready to get after it for real. Practice has been good for the most part for the past four days, but it is safe to say that everyone - including the coaches - are ready to go against someone in a different color jersey.

n Speaking of colors, it can't be easy to be a QB in practice for an all-star game. Every player wears different helmets and jerseys and some teammates practice on the opposite side of the ball, so when a QB throws a ball down the field, if you aren't paying attention at the snap, it's hard to tell who is the receiver and who is the DB.

n Advance ticket sales have been better than expected and we are expecting a good size crowd Saturday night. The weather is supposed to cooperate and we are hoping for a few thousand people to be at the JTO. We suggest if you are going to get there early and not try to show up at 5:45 p.m. and expect to find a parking spot next to the stadium and get in without waiting in line for a ticket.

n A raffle will be held on NH Senior Bowl night with the winner receiving a Tony Fisher-autographed jersey. Your yellow game tickets have a serial number on it, and that number will serve as your chance at the commemorative piece of memorabilia.

n NH Senior Bowl T-shirts will be on sale for $7 on game day. Players will be available after the game to sign autographs for kids - or fans - who request them. The shirts are white with a black logo on the front.

- Bill Tilton


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