Monday, July 11, 2011

Excuse me, Commissioner Goodell, but what if ....

At first, the NFL lockout didn't bother me because I figured it would get resolved quickly as soon as a bunch of spoiled billionaires and a bunch of spoiled millionaires came to a spoiled conclusion.

Now, I am worried.

Not because of what it will do to the "shield," but what we all do during the fall?

By "all" I mean us and I mean those of us that play fantasy football? Should we go to fantasy postseason baseball? Should we go to fantasy NASCAR and golf at the end of those seasons? Should we track down fantasy tennis, lacrosse or soccer numbers?

I know there are plenty of folks in Vegas and all points in between both coasts who do nothing more than worry about gambling on Sundays and Monday nights, but the legal public would like to know what we are going to do on weekends in September if there is no NFL?

Make it happen - grow up and work it out.

The game is bigger than the owners and the players and ... ahem ... bigger than fantasy football. Let's just get back on the field and satisfy hundreds of millions of fans already.

Is it that much to ask of a bunch of financially stable human beings arguing over what amounts to table scraps? Hard to feel bad for either side.



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