Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming soon: All-decade high school football team

So, did you think The News-Herald Senior Bowl on June 25 was the end of high school football in the summer?

It was not.

The News-Herald will take one last look at the previous decade by unveiling its all-decade high school football team prior to the start of the 2011 season in August. Sure, we're late with the all-decade team, but we spent 2010 unveiling our players of the decades for all high school sports. This time, we will spotlight an entire football team.

Competition for spots will be fierce. Arguments will ensue. Readers will surely chime in. The best from 2000 to 2009 in area high school football is coming your way in a true sense.

One quarterback, two running backs, five offensive lineman, a tight end, etc., is on tap.

At quarterback, will it be Bart Tanski, Ricky Stanzi, Thom Abbott, Patrick Nicely or Mark Petruziello?

At running back, will it be Eric Kettani, Michael Hanhouser, Richie Sanders or Tim Wetzel?

At kicker, will it be Kevin Harper or Carey Spear?

Questions will be answered. The News-Herald all-decade team is on its way.

- Mark Podolski



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