Thursday, July 7, 2011

What if?

The Indians' catchy slogan this season is "What If?"

As in, "What if the Indians actually make the playoffs, win the pennant and win the World Series?"

What if indeed. It is difficult to imagine the Tribe winning the World Series, but why not shoot for the moon?

The All-Star break is fast approaching and the Indians are in it for the long haul in 2011, so jump on board fast because there is plenty to like.

The bullpen has been outstanding, the starting pitching solid and the hitting has been timely in plenty of spots. There are questions about the offense as a whole that need to be answered in the second half.

What if Grady Sizemore finds his groove? What if Travis Hafner stays healthy? What if Carlos Santana becomes more consistent?

We'll find out more in the second half, but for now, enjoy the ride Tribe fans. The first half has been completely unexpected, which is why we're all asking ourselves one simple question:

"What if?"

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