Wednesday, August 10, 2011

XC season is in session, watch for kids running on the streets

Cross country season is here and that means area high school kids will be running on the streets to train.
Recently, I talked to a high school coach who was dismayed over the complaints he/she has been receiving about his/her kids running on the streets in his/her community.
Come on.
Who complains about kids running in the street?
These kids aren't running in the middle of the road.
They are running safely on the sides of streets.
They do this daily. They aren't out to get hurt and make drivers miserable. They are out there often in groups minding their own business.
If anything, drivers in the community should beep and wave while they pass high school runners.
Hand out water, set up a water station, cheer the kids along.
Aren't there enough problems in the world?
Save your complaints for real problems.
Leave the kids who are training on the streets alone.
They are just out having fun, doing what they love.
They are healthy, happy and full of life.
Give them the space they need.
Let the kids run.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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