Monday, January 2, 2012

Buying groceries on big bowl days is best

New Year's Day was reserved for the NFL, but Jan. 2 stood in as the biggest bowl day of the year.

There's nothing like 6 bowl games on one day, with 4 taking place at the same time in mid-afternoon. It is a college football fan's nirvana.

That is, until you attempt to do something as foolish as order out for dinner.

I had a nightmare of a time trying to get something to eat. The first pizza place I went to took my order over the phone, had me wait 5 minutes in the restaurant and THEN tell me they were out of key ingredients to complete my request.

The second place I called did not identify the restaurant and was hard to hear on the phone, so passed on them as well.

The third place was buffet style, and getting that to go turned into more of a chore than it was worth, so STRIKE 3!

I thank Zeppe's of Mentor for helping me keep my sanity after almost 2 hours of trying to get something to eat.

Should have just shopped at Giant Eagle ... or called my friends at Hooley House (first shameless Chalk Talk plug of 2012 in case you were keeping score at home).

Oh well, learned my lesson. It won't happen again on Jan. 9 for the National Championship game.

Hope you all had better luck trying to get some simple nutrients in between the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl on Monday.



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