Wednesday, February 8, 2012

High school athletes should take responsibility for themselves

This year I've noticed a disturbing trend that seems to be getting out of hand.
The trend is over-protective parents who are overstepping their boundaries.
It's parents who are getting in the way of coaches who are trying to coach their kids.
It's parents who think their kids are good enough to play in college when really, they can barely come off the bench and play in a varsity game.
If your high school athlete is good enough, coaches will find them and they will come knocking.
If college coaches aren't knocking, your child is not good enough.
It's simply reality.
There are more important things to focus on rather than whether or not your child is getting enough playing time in a varsity game.
What about your child's grades? How are those? What is your child doing in their free time? What kind of person is your child? Who are they hanging out with? What college are they going to?
These are the more important questions.
This girls basketball season, I've heard of a few parents telling off their child's respective coach.
Do the parents realize what these coaches are going through?
Some of them take lots of time out of their personal life for kids who aren't even their own.
Do they really deserve the grief that is coming their way?
No they don't.
High school kids need to take responsibility for themselves.
It's the only way they will learn later in life things won't be handed to them. They must work for it.
Parents don't usually call the bosses of their children to complain about work assignments, lack of promotions or poor pay.
Parents let their kids handle it.
They should do the same thing when it comes to high school sports. They should let their kids fight their own battles.
It's the only way a child will learn to be strong later in life.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia



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