Saturday, December 29, 2012

For a laugh, follow Shooter McGavin

One of the greatest, most wonderful sports movie villains of all-time is the fictional pro golfer Shooter McGavin (played by Christopher McDonald) from the Adam Sandler movie "Happy Gilmore."

If you're like me and love Shooter, there's no need to watch the single- and double-pistol pointing arrogant golfer in the film. Just follow his parody Twitter account, @ShooterMcGavin_.

A sampling of Shooter's recent tweets. Enjoy:

Dec. 25: "When you get out of bed today *single pistol mirror* *jog downstairs/double pistols/thumbs to chest* *look at gifts* “MERRY CHRISTMAS BABAY”

Dec. 20: "If the world does end tomorrow, we should all look forward to some Chubbs Peterson concerts with him playing his white piano."

Dec. 17: "Retweet if you think ESPN should play ‘Happy Gilmore’ instead of Jets-Titans tonight."

Dec. 9: "Just seeing all those idiots at Lambeau wearing no shirts reminds me of the galleries I had to put up with when Gilmore was on the tour."

Dec. 9: "Looks like the Packers wised up and hired someone to yell “JACKASS” during Stafford’s throws"

Nov. 30: "Too bad David Stern wasn’t the PGA Commissioner when Gilmore fought Barker. He would have kicked him off the tour and Id have my gold jacket"

- Mark Podolski | @MPodo


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