Sunday, December 30, 2012

Might be time to retire from bowl pools

Among my ventures into fantasy sports and pools, I think I have discovered my Achilles' heel - college football bowl pools.

It never fails. I do some research, compare stats and schedules and make my picks, including some supposedly calculated gambles. Then it all goes south.

January hasn't even come yet, and for the umpteenth consecutive year the math will not add up.

At 10-9, there is absolutely no chance to be a pool factor. In the one pool, prior to Thursday's games, my board could have run the table to the national championship game - and I would have finished second under the pool's unorthodox scoring system.

Perhaps on the next go-around, a coin flip will be a better option. 

One aspect during this time of year that has seen improvement is my ability to cope with being bad at it. There have been years in which that admittedly has not been the case. This year, it feels a lot better just being indifferent about it.

So to fans of Vanderbilt, USC, Tulsa, Clemson, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Georgia, Stanford, Florida, Louisville, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Arkansas State and Alabama, my apologies.You have been selected, and as a result of my mediocrity you have been warned.

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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