Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holy Buckeye ... 10 years ago tonight

Ten years ago tonight - Jan. 3, 2013 - I was in Tempe, Ariz., for one of the most exciting nights of my life, watching Ohio State win the 2002 national championship in the Fiesta Bowl.

Back then, the BCS National Championship game - like the one you'll watch Monday night - did not exist. The championship game rotated among the four BCS bowl games.

The night couldn't have been any better. I was sitting in the stands with a college friend who was eventually the best man at my wedding, and of course the Buckeyes won, 31-24, in double overtime over the heavy favorite Miami Hurricanes. It was a game for the ages, and will likely never be topped, in my opinion.

Here's the link to the box score that night, with video below of the final play of the game.


- Mark Podolski | @MPodo


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